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Online customer support outsourced in all languages

What does Shassist service offer?

It offers a Chat assistant service for your online store in foreign countries.

Any problem with online sales between two or more different countries?

It often happens that online consumers who arrive on your e-commerce store from a foreign country doesn't want to buy on your online store anyway! The reason why this happens is because of various aspects such as logistics, technical, descriptive or about the payment, but at the base of the problem is undoubtedly the difference of culture and language that often make the customer to dismiss the shopping session rather than continue it. Typical problem that occurs mainly on online sales between different countries.


Human interaction

This widespread problem on international online commerce is a result of the lack of human interaction, that instead it can be found in a physical store with smiling salespeople ready to help you. So how can we create human interaction with customers from foreign countries with different cultures and languages? The only way to open the doors to costumers coming from other countries is to create an international customer-care service that helps users with a live chat with highly qualified operators for each country in which they want to operate, able to provide the right qualified assistance.

"Recruit staff"? Yes or no!

Finding staff from other countries is not an easy thing to do, even if you can find one or more people you have to hire them after long and expensive job interviews. Then create your own chat platform to provide them the right tools to work, all with very high overall costs that can discourage even a big company, a choice that certainly involves significant risks. So as not to risk, here is the definitive solution!

The Solution!

The solution to this problem is called Shassist - Online customer support in all languages, a professional outsourcing service that offers human interaction in chat with qualified online sales assistants, chosen with previous experience from a phisical shop, that you won't have to hire! These are professionals selected by Shassist, directly in the countries of origin, who live physically in the country where you want to sell your products, who have the same habits and customs and that speak the same mother tongue as consumers. Trained to assist your customers online through a managed live chat tool.


Customer satisfaction!

With this service, customers who arrive on your multilingual site will find a human interaction in live chat with a person from their country who has the same habits and customs and who speaks the same mother tongue. Basically we put at your disposal a series of shop-assistants (24 hours a day - 7 days a week), which assist and advise customers professionally throughout the online purchasing process, according to your company guidelines. It will increase confidence in the Company and the level of consumer satisfaction. The goal of Shassist's chat assistance is customer satisfaction that is reflected in online sales in foreign markets.

No technical competence.

You don't have to worry about installing expensive software to implement this chat service on your site, this is a free service included on Shassist for all subscription plans.

Just enter a small code on the webpages where you want the chat widget to appear.

We will provide you the widget code, one for each language for each country you want to activate, according to the chosen subscription plan.

We also provide free technical support, where possible.



... by this point you just have to try!

We created 3 pre-packaged subscription plans for you including Silver, the entry-level plan that allows you to try Shassist service for a single month without worries! Choose your favourite subscription plan. We have online shop-assistants in Inglish, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Arabic and Italian. We are working to activate other languages and other market.