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About us website was born from an idea of Mariano Macaluso, to help all companies over the world to find freelancers especially in the international customer assistance sector, highly requested with e-commerce skills in international relations. About the languages we chose, we focused on the two most widely spoken languages in the world (Spanish an Italian), obviously without neglecting our mother tongue, english, so you can register all those who speak one of the three languages used on this network; even the locations are available only those where is spoken one of those three languages.
The companies that join the platform will benefit a network of freelance assistants present on Shassist network selected in all the locations chosen according to our three languages. They can create unique projects based on the jobs they want to carry out, thus being able to hire qualified assistants and pay them safely once the work is finished and only if they are satisfied.
Freelancers instead, by subscribing on Shassist website, have the opportunity to create a professional profile, publish their Portfolio and make offers for online work projects.
Shassist business project was launched by Bloweb Communication (Frontend Web Developer), experts in technical development, with Lavinia Bono collaboration (Translation Manager) a multilingual expert who handles international relations.



Translation Manager, multilingual expert who takes care of international relations.


Owner by Bloweb Communication
Web Developer

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